· “Be a Better Dad Today! is a book for every one of us who want to be a better Fathers for our family. Written in an encouraging, fun to read style by bestselling author Gregory W. Slayton, Be a Better Dad Today! is designed to help each of us become better Fathers, better Husbands and better Men.” Read more.

· “As something of a nerd, I’ve always been wary of books with an exclamation mark in the title. In the title! But author Gregory Slayton states up front that Be a Better Dad Today!: Ten Tools Every Father Needs is not an ordinary book. Nor is it an academic book, compiling as footnotes the steep rise in fatherhood and marriage studies that have appropriately emerged in the wake of America’s sexual revolution, evolving gender roles and the impact of U.S. anti-poverty programs that have often undermined the role of men in low-income communities.” Read more.

· “I highly recommend Be A Better Dad Today for any Dad that wants to be a better father, better husband and ultimately a better man. Gregory Slayton advises that fatherhood is really a lifelong journey and that we Dad’s should expect good times right alongside rough times. But, in either case the outcome is often in our hands and in our leadership techniques.” Read more.

· As a former college and NFL quarterback, I’ve had the privilege of playing with some great teams. But as a father, there is no team more important to me than my family. And that’s why this book is so important. Be a Better Dad Today! can help every dad become an All-Pro father. The book’s Ten Tools of Fatherhood are exactly what we need as dads to sharpen and expand our fatherhood skills. Read more.

· “A member of our Denison Forum board recently gave me Gregory Slayton’s Be A Better Dad Today! 10 tools every father needs. I hadn’t read a book on fatherhood for a while (our sons are 26 and 23 and have been out of our home for years), but I’m glad I spent time with this one. It’s relevant for Father’s Day and is the most holistic and practical guide to fathering I’ve ever seen.” Read more.

· “Gregory Slayton connects with you about your own flaws and failures as a dad, and then inspires you that you can become a better dad. As a father of six, I found his ten tools to be excellent principles that will work for you and your family. There is also a website with a “put it to work” tool for each chapter.” Read more.

· “When John McCain read the book, he said he wanted to endorse the book but also said he wanted to work with me to put it into the hands of United States military fathers,” said Mr Slayton. “There are 250,000 military dads in the United States. At his suggestion — we have set up the Fellowship of Fathers Foundation making the book available to active military soldiers for free.” Read more.

· The Fellowship of Fathers Foundation officially launched its Help Our Military – Every Dad (HOME) program on Friday, offering a free book on fatherhood to any active duty military man requesting one through their military Chaplain. Feature title of this offer is, Be a Better Dad Today!, a soon-to-be-released book by author and philanthropist Gregory W. Slayton. Read more.

“Be a Better Dad Today is perhaps the most practical and down-to-earth manual you will find on how to be an effective father. No one will be able to read it without being both spiritually convicted and personally equipped.“

- Tim Keller, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York City

“Having been raised by a man that exemplified what it means to be a great father, I am blessed to have learned from one of the greatest. In ‘Be A Better Dad Today’, Gregory explains how to navigate the most important job in the world. This book is a great resource for today’s dads or those who plan to be a dad in the future.”

- Jeb Bush, Governor of Florida from 1999-2007

“Fatherhood is a cornerstone of the family – and the family is a cornerstone of
civilization. I love being a father and a husband – and having a close and loving family is
one of the greatest blessings a man can know. Yet fathers – and families – are falling
apart at rates we have never seen before in America. And our Nation’s children are
paying the price. That’s why I’m glad my friend Gregory Slayton has written this handson,
no-holds barred, gut level honest book. “Be a Better Dad Today” is the result of
Gregory’s multi-year study of fatherhood on five different continents – and his 20+ years
as a father of four great kids. This is a book for every man who wants to be a better
father, a better husband and a better man. I highly recommend it.”

- Sam Brownback, Governor of Kansas

“Gregory Slayton writes eloquently about the God given nobility of fatherhood, an institution of grand personal, familial, and societal importance, but also a journey that many men embark on without fully knowing the true path or destination. Slayton deepens our understanding of what being a father means and offers guidance on how fathers can realize their fullest potential.”

- Senator Joe Lieberman

“There is no more important job in the world for men than being a good father for our kids. I love being a dad – and I always have. That’s why I appreciate the honesty, the humor and the many helpful ideas that my friend Gregory Slayton has packed into “Be A Better Dad Today!” Being a “Better Dad Today” – and every day of our lives – is one of the most important things we can do for our family, our community and our Nation.”

- U.S. Congressman G. K. Butterfield