Having been raised by a man who exemplified what it means to be a great father, I am blessed to have learned from one of the greatest. In Be a Better Dad Today! Gregory explains how to navigate the most important job in the world. This book is a great resource for today’s dads or those who plan to be a dad in the future.

Jeb Bush, Former Governor of Florida (1999–2007)

I learned about life and honor from my father and grandfather, who were my heroes as Naval officers and, most importantly, fathers. Earning their respect was the most lasting ambition of my life, and even though they are no longer with us, I continue to live my life according to the terms of their approval. Their courage and faith were an inspiration to me and a key to my survival in some of my most difficult times. I am grateful for the memories of these two great men and the respect and affection they provided as the patriarchs of our family. I’ve personally known Gregory and his family for years, and I know he exemplifies the title of his book Be a Better Dad Today! each and every day of his life. There are certain lessons in life that can best be taught by fathers. My hope is that this book will help every single man who picks it up to be the best father, the best husband, and the best man he can be.

John McCain, United States Senator

Be a Better Dad Today! is perhaps the most practical and down-to-earth manual you will find on how to be an effective father. You will not be able to read it without being both spiritually convicted and personally equipped.

Tim Keller, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York City

Gregory Slayton writes eloquently about the God-given nobility of fatherhood, an institution of grand personal, familial and societal importance, but also a journey that many men embark on without fully knowing the true path or destination. Slayton deepens our understanding of what being a father means and offers guidance on how fathers can realize their fullest potential.

Joe Lieberman, United States Senator

When I speak with fathers—and I speak to lots of them—they often ask me, “What do I need to do to be a better dad?” Well, Gregory Slayton’s book certainly helps answer this important question. Filled with personal stories and practical advice and strategies, Be a Better Dad Today! is a much needed resource that I highly recommend any dad to have in his library.

Roland C. Warren, President, National Fatherhood Initiative

“The Catholic Church has emphasized the importance of fatherhood and families for 2,000 years. Good fathers are the servant leaders of their families – and we can all learn to be better servant leaders. It is no accident that Jesus taught us to pray to “our Father, who art in heaven…” It is God’s love and care for us as our heavenly Father that Christ Himself modeled for us all here on earth.

In challenging and encouraging us to be the best men we can be, my friend Gregory Slayton does us a true service. For it is in service to our families, to our friends and to our communities that we grow to be stronger and more mature men. “Be a Better Dad Today: Ten Tools Every Father Needs” is an excellent book for every man who wants to be a better husband, a better father and a better man.”

Robert J. Kurtz, C.R., Bishop of the Diocese of Bermuda

All dads need help to be the best fathers they can be. The health of our families, our culture and our civilization literally depend on it. My friend Gregory Slayton has written a great book that will help every man who reads it be the best dad he can be. Be a Better Dad Today! is a truly enjoyable, deeply practical and immensely helpful book for men everywhere. As a father, a pastor and a man who wants to be the very best I can be, I highly recommend it.

Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, President, Hispanic Evangelical Association

All over the world, the family is in deep trouble. It is just as much a reality in countries like Argentina and China as it is in the United States and Great Britain. It is becoming even more challenging for today’s modern Christian father to lead and protect his family. And, sadly, some have even given up. Be a Better Dad Today! shows each of us men how to be the best father, the best husband, and indeed the best man we can be—all in light of our relationship with our heavenly Father. We all need that kind of encouragement, strength and wisdom . . . today and every day of our lives.

Luis Palau, World Evangelist

There is no more important job in the world for men than being a good father for our kids. I love being a dad—and I always have. That’s why I appreciate the honesty, the humor and the many helpful ideas that my friend Gregory Slayton has packed into Be a Better Dad Today! Being a better dad today—and every day of our lives—is one of the most important things we can do for our family, our community and our nation.

G. K. Butterfield, United States Congressman

I have known Gregory for 30 years, and he is passionate, practical and visionary. His terrific book is all three of those things and more. As a father of five, I highly recommend Be a Better Dad Today! to all dads—and dads to be—of any age.

Hans Helmerich, President and CEO, Helmerich and Payne (Fortune 500 Company)

As a former college and NFL quarterback, I’ve had the privilege of playing with some great teams. But as a father, there is no team more important to me than my family. And that’s why this book is so important. Be a Better Dad Today! can help every dad become an All-Pro father. The book’s Ten Tools of Fatherhood are exactly what we need as dads to sharpen and expand our fatherhood skills. And Gregory gets it exactly right when he says that no matter what else we do as men, fatherhood is our most important job. I highly recommend this book to every man who wants to be a better dad, a better husband and a better man.

Danny Wuerffel, Executive Director of Desire Street Ministries

From one who had an absent father, Gregory speaks with passionate truth and practical realities about how each one of us can be a better dad. Be a Better Dad Today! engages us as men with wisdom, joy and honest understanding of the challenges we face. Gregory reminds us that we are literally irreplaceable in our roles as husband and father—and that these are the most important jobs we will ever have. The Ten Tools of Fatherhood will be helpful to each and every man who puts them to work.

Dr. Patrick P. Gelsinger, President and COO, EMC Corporation

As a senior executive with a growing family, I know firsthand the challenges of being both a good dad and a good manager in today’s world. That’s why I am so thankful for Be a Better Dad Today! My good friend Gregory Slayton is a great father himself and has made a 30-year study of good fathers around the world. He has used that unique background to write a great, practical, hands-on book that will be a real blessing to every father or father-to-be who reads it. I highly recommend Be a Better Dad Today! to any man who wants to improve his fathering skills—and have fun doing it.

Sanjay Poonen, President and Corporate Officer, Global Solutions, SAP

Gregory Slayton had to learn to be a great father to his kids without his own dad’s help. In this book, he gives you tools that will empower you to do the most important job you will ever have as a man. It’s a very practical and hopeful book.

Jim Burns, Ph.D., President, HomeWord

Author of 10 Building Blocks for a Solid Family and Teenology: The Art of Raising Great Teens

“Leslie and I founded the Center for Relationship Development on the campus of Seattle Pacific University almost 20 years ago. Over those 20 years we have seen firsthand the critical importance of the fathering skills Gregory lays out so clearly in “Be A Better Dad Today!”. If you want to be a better father, a better husband and a better man – this book will help you on that path.”

Les Parrott, Ph.D., LesandLeslie.com; Author of Crazy Good Sex

“Anyone who cares about fatherhood in America should read Gregory Slayton’s Be a Better Dad Today. This book is a guide, a how-to-manual and an inspiration to dads everywhere, and especially useful to new dads. The prefect Father’s Day present.”

-Hugh Hewitt